NEW! Flash Cards: Questions, Questions for Airline Pilot Interviews
1047 questions, 17 categories, 545 technical questions with answers and references, plus 386 HR questions - Answers must be your own.

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The Flash Cards follow the Delta Air Lines Study Guide and use the Delta references. The cards use a dedicated Delta question category plus questions from United, American, Southwest, and most other Major and National airlines.

For PC's, Tablets, and SmartPhones (other than Apple). This product is delivered by email as a secure pdf file.

Questions, Questions for Airline Pilot Interviews is a very simple flash card app that helps you study our airline interview material with a flick of your finger. Based on the already successful Flash Q/Ard! iPhone app, Questions, Questions for Airline Pilot Interviews is a branded version that includes all of the content you need to study for your airline interview. The app is intuitively designed to make studying easy. How does it work? Start swiping! It’s like having a thousand flashcards in your iPhone, the only thing missing is the rubber band! Swipe, tap and shake to work your way thru the cards. The material is organized by category, referenced, and ready for you to study wherever you go. You can flag questions for further review, delete questions once you’ve mastered the content (you can always restore your question set to its original number of questions), randomize questions within a category or view them all at once. Questions, Questions can hold thousands and thousands of questions. You can store multiple qard sets and switch between them. You can create your own qard sets and add them to your study list.

The material in these flashcards was developed over the past 20 years from the exit interviews of thousands of pilots. Pilots interviewing with airlines like United, Delta, American and US Airways. Using Delta’s own Knowledge Test Outline (available at we’ve organized our material to follow Delta’s outline; Aerodynamics, Engineering, Air Navigation, Mechanics and Meteorology. We have included hundreds of questions, referenced and answered for your interview prep.

1. Introduction

2. Instructions

3. References

4. Aerodynamics

5. Engineering

6. Navigation

7. Technical

8. Weather

9. Delta

10. HR - Alcohol

11. HR - Commitment to Flying

12. HR - Decision Making

13. HR - Leadership

14. HR - Personal

15. HR - Policies

16. HR Social Interaction

17. HR - Situational

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Flash Cards: Questions, Questions for Airline Pilot Interviews

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