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Our philosophy…

Kit Darby Aviation Consulting is backed by 30 years of experience in the aviation industry. We’re dedicated to providing complete, timely, and accurate information about pilot hiring, forecasts, and industry trends. We also help pilots make informed decisions throughout their job search and to assist them in their career development as an airline pilot.

The Consulting Group has helped governments agencies, public and private corporations, and lawyers answer questions like these:

Expert Witness…

My client has been permanently injured or involved in a fatal accident.
What is the value of my client’s professional pilot career (airline, corporate and military)?
Can you provide reports and earnings models, depositions and expert witness trial testimony?
My client has been delayed in his career. What is it worth?
What compensation and seniority has my client lost due to this temporary disability?


What are the projected pilot hiring and retirement trends?
How does my company’s pay, retirement, and benefits compare with the rest of the industry?
Can you help me fill in the statistical blanks in my business proposal?
Can you help me validate my business or career assumptions?
Is this a trend or a fad?
Can you provide the most up-to-date pilot demographic information for my company’s strategic planning? Pilot contract, Pilot seniority list, detailed staffing info available.

Career Counseling…

Do you have information and experience to guide me through this aviation career decision? How do I handle termination, Asked to resign, Failed check rides or training, Driving record, Criminal Record, Alcohol, Credit problems, and career development planning on my résumé/application and in the interview? What is the most direct path to my goal?

The Consulting Group’s industry experts not only provide answers and statistical data, but also guidance through the constantly changing aviation industry.

If you have any consulting or expert witness question, contact us. Be sure to include your name, company name, phone number, and your questions for a free initial consultation.

Career counseling calls start at $90 for 30 minutes, and are prorated after the first half hour.

Please send your résumé or airline application, if available, to KitDarby@gmail.com for improved career counseling in less time.