June 2007 - UPS
President’s Letter: How Long Does It Take to Become An Airline Pilot Today?
Counselor: Favorite Interview Questions • Waiting to Exhale
Feature: UPS: 100 Years Old and Nimble As Ever by Stephanie Geeter Weaver
On the Record: Phil Donohue, Workforce Planning Manager
Pilot Perspective: Kevin “KT” Smith, 747-100/200 First Officer, UPS
The Multi-Crew Pilot License: Will the United States Embrace it? by Jo Halverson
Dealing With Sky High Demand: How the FAA and industry are working to help commercial aviation cope with industry demand by Fran Chaffin and Steve Winter, FAA
Pane-staking CRM: A window into improved crew resource management by Dr. Kara Cross  

Airline Pilot Careers back issues - June 2007: UPS: 100 Years Old and Nimble As Ever

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