July 2007 - United Airlines
President’s Letter: Changing Times - Minimums and Attitudes
Counselor: Ensuring Seminar Success • Tough Question
Feature: United Airlines: Pilot Project by Ian Tocher
On the Record: Michael Gillen, A320/B737 Captain, Manager of New Hire Projects
Pilot Perspective: Naom Alon, UAL First Officer, B-737-300/500
Talking Points: How to excel in unconventional interviews by Jim Carman
Should I Stay Or Should I Go? Weighing the military-to-airline transition, Pt. 1 by Robert U. Black
The Paperless Cockpit: EFBs promise advances in safety and efficiency - courtesy of Flight Safety Foundation  

Airline Pilot Careers back issues - July 2007: United Airlines: Hiring Pilots Again

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